How does SEO work?

Our Highly Successful 4 Stage Plan

We have crafted together the perfect plan which we implement each and every month to ensure we are providing long lasting, high quality, and measurable results.

  • Research Phase

    We gather intel on your market and methodically analyse data to determine the exact search volume and competition for the key phrases being searched by your prospects. We investigate the tactics your top competitors use and reverse engineer them for even better results. This in depth research stacks the odds of success in your favor by uncovering the best keyword phrases to target.

  • On-Site Health Check

    Ensuring your site is set up correctly is key to the campaign’s success. We tweak your websites code to talk in ‘Google friendly” language and label the pages so the search engines know exactly what your site is about. By placing the keyword phrases in the websites title or content and by adding unique page descriptions we help Google determine exactly what to rank you for and position you for best results.

  • Off Page Promotion

    Our packages work to make your website the most trusted, relevant and high authority site for your given phrases, because that’s the site the search engines rank at the top. We promote your website using a proven mix of media content placed on several high profile web properties. Our high quality content creation and distribution SEO service is proven to get your website climbing the search engines fast.

  • Detailed Monthly Report

    Within a few days of completing each months promotional activity we will send you a detailed ranking report. As our website promotion is so powerful often results are dramatic and immediate, especially if you have not done SEO before. The ranking report shows before and after results.We also give you access to a special campaign metrics manager, where you can identify the specific details about your site.

What else do I need to know?

Once you have made your choice of an SEO Swoop Package you will need to place an order via our checkout.

This is a simple Paypal link where you can submit your payment. You can also pay via your credit card if you don;t have a paypal account.

Once your payment has been accepted by Paypal you will receive a notification via email and an invitation to join our VIP newsletter.

Project Management

Within 48 hours of receiving your order, we will assign you a dedicated Account Manager who will coordinate with you via our support desk. After verifying important information about the project we will then proceed with the discovery phase.

Research Phase

Based on your initial input we will research your market to determine the most appropriate key phrases to target. We base our research on Googles own search data and use specialist tools.  Upon our findings we will present to you a list of recommended phrases and advise you of how many searches each phrase gets.

On Page Optimization Phase

In order to make the most of the off-site promotion we need to optimize your websites pages so they are relevant for the keywords we are targeting. In order to do this we need to make some minor changes to the website content and code. If you do not have access to your sites admin panel and hosting please be prepared to request that from your website manager.

Off Site Promotion

The first thing we do is create profiles and content for your project. After submitting that to you we allow you 48 hours to review and approve the content which might include articles, videos or press releases depending on the package. Due to the impeccable standards we place on content quality and monitoring, 99% of our clients choose to auto approve content from month 2 onwards. This ensures the fastest implementation and results and ensures close to zero admin is required on your part.

From time to time we may require specialist source material such as pictures and logos. We will aim to gather this stock once and save it to your project.

Our Promise To You

In the unlikely event that the ranking of at least one of your phrases has not increased during that time, we will allocate additional resources for free until your ranking improves.

Canceling Your Package

You can cancel your package subscription at any time. Simply log in to your paypal account and you can cancel the subscription.

Most clients have no reason to cancel because of the positive return on investment that we offer, and we are confident that when our packages multiply your website traffic you will stay a long time too.

Need anything just ask

Your account manager is dedicated to your results. If you have any questions or specific requests just ask your account manager inside the support desk. The Support Desk is where we will communicate with you ongoing for the length of your service.

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