How does PPC work?

Our Highly Successful PPC Plan that gets results!

We have crafted together the perfect plan which we implement each and every month to ensure we are providing long lasting, high quality, and measurable results.

  • Choose & Order Package

    Decide which PPC plan best suits your needs and budget. You will be taken to a paypal link where you can place your order. Within 48 hours an account manager will be in touch with you to get all of the details required to start building your campaigns.

  • Fill out our survey

    Once your project manager is in touch with you, you will need to complete a short survey. This is where we collect all of the information that is required to get your campaign started. This includes things such as your website goals, your objectives, any keywords you would like us to target, who is your ideal customer ect. This information is vital in order for us to make this a success.

  • Conduct Research & Build Campaigns

    We methodically analyse historical keyword data and gather intel on your competitors campaigns to ensure your new Google Adwords campaign gets off to a winning start. We research and compile together as much information is needed in order to get the desired outcomes for your business.

  • We write your ads & they go live

    After we have researched we start the important phase of writing the ads. We use copywriters that know how to generate leads, but most importantly only targeted leads to ensure that each click is a potential customer. This is where people lose a lot of money if not done correctly. The first ads will go out in a matter of hours to the first page of google and you will have people visiting your site. This is the exciting part.

  • Constant Testing & Optimising

    This phase is important where you cut your losing ads, and increase your winning ads. It’s important to be testing and optimising even the smallest of details to find out what is going to convert the best. We also decrease your cost per ad, by using a number of specialist techniques and tricks which maximises your return on investment.

  • Reporting

    PPC is complex. To get it right is even harder. So we put together detailed reports of where you are seeing your investment going to give you complete peace of mind.

What else do I need to know?

Once you have made your choice of a PPC Package you will need to place an order via our checkout.

This is a simple Paypal link where you can submit your payment. You can also pay via your credit card if you don;t have a paypal account.

Once your payment has been accepted by Paypal you will receive a notification via email and an invitation to join our VIP newsletter.

Project Management

Within 48 hours of receiving your order, we will assign you a dedicated Account Manager who will coordinate with you via our support desk. After verifying important information about the project we will then proceed with the campaign.

Is there a minimum contract?

We believe in a win/win situation. We parter with clients that we know we can help. We are all about generating results, because the more results you generate, the longer you will work with us. It's that simple.

Canceling Your Package

You can cancel your package subscription at any time. Simply log in to your paypal account and you can cancel the subscription.

Most clients have no reason to cancel because of the positive return on investment that we offer, and we are confident that when our packages multiply your website traffic you will stay a long time too.

Need anything just ask

Your account manager is dedicated to your results. If you have any questions or specific requests just ask your account manager inside the support desk. The Support Desk is where we will communicate with you ongoing for the length of your service.

Where is our company based?

SEOSwoop and it's PPC team is based in Australia.

Don't Risk Your Business on Cheap Alternatives

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